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How to connect your
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How does Video on
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How to set your
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Parental control, lock pin and
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Terminal connection

Input source selection

TV series recording


Check if your connectors
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Live TV control

Can I use instant replay?

Yes. If your remote control has the REPLAY button, press it to instantly rebroadcast the last 15 seconds of the program. If your remote control does not have a replay button, use the PAGE button.

How far back can you go when watching live TV?

We can go back 30 minutes on an HD channel and 2 hours on SD if the channel was tuned in all this time, of course!

I pressed "Pause", but the movie starts playing again.

You can take a two hour break on an SD channel and a 30 minute break on an HD channel.


Personal video recorder

A few minutes are missing at the beginning or at the end of my recording.
The PVR timer is synchronized with the guide: if the network or the channel starts a transmission earlier than expected in the guide, the PVR will not include it. We suggest adding 2-3 minutes to the start and end of your scheduled recordings. This option is available to you when you schedule a recording in the guide.
Can I increase the speed of rewind and fast forward?

Yes. Your PVR controls rewind and fast forward at four speeds. You only have to press the REW or FF buttons up to four times. The indicator on the screen will display the current speed to control the reading.

Can I resume watching a recorded program where I stopped it?
Yes. To resume viewing where you left off, select "Play" in the action icons or "Start over from the beginning" if you want to see the recording from the start.
Can I turn off the PVR if a recording is in progress or scheduled?
Yes. The PVR will complete the registration as planned, then shut down.
Can I watch a show before the end of its recording?

Yes. You can watch it live or rewind and watch it from the start without interrupting its recording.

Can the PVR delete advertising messages during a registration?

No. However, you can use fast forward during recorded advertising messages.

Does the PVR allow parental control?

Yes. Parental control restricts viewing of recorded programs. If you schedule the recording of a program that you have locked, it will be recorded, but there will be no sound or picture during recording. A restriction notice will appear on the screen allowing you to enter your code and view the program being recorded. Once registration is complete, you can access it from "My Registrations" by entering your code.

Note: You can also program a parental lock for certain programs already recorded. Use the STAR button on your remote control or the lock icon from "My Recordings" or from an information screen for recorded programs.

Does the PVR automatically delete programs when the space is full?

Only if you have configured it to do so. The PVR will automatically delete programs if you give it the command by checking the programs to delete. When the recording space is full, older records will be deleted first.

Following a power outage, should I reset my lock and purchase codes, my serial recordings and my favorites list?
No. All these parameters are retained following a power failure or an interruption in the power supply.
How can I not miss more episodes of my favorite series?

Schedule a series recording: select an episode of the series and press the INFO button. Follow the steps and voila!

How long can I keep my recordings?

You can keep them as long as you like. Remember, however, that the recording space is limited and that you must delete certain recordings from time to time to make room for new shows.

How many hours of programming can I keep in my PVR? What is the capacity of its hard drive?

The recording capacity depends on the video format recorded.

DCX-3400/3510 : Your dual tuner PVR can record up to 200 hours of programming in standard format and 40 hours in HD. The hard drive has a capacity of 320 GB. Some models have a capacity of 500 GB and can store up to 350 hours of SD programming and 60 hours in HD.

DCT-6416/3416 : Your dual tuner PVR can record up to 100 hours of programming in standard format and 20 hours in HD. The hard drive has a capacity of 160 GB.

DCT-6412 :
Your dual tuner PVR can record up to 75 hours of programming in standard format and 15 hours in HD. The hard drive has a capacity of 120 GB.

How many recordings can I make?

The record limit is determined by the space remaining in the PVR. For example, a 2-tuner terminal can record 2 shows at the same time while you are watching a 3rd one already recorded. Note that the number of hours of recording varies from device to device and that you can see the percentage of space used when you press LIST.

How many recordings can I schedule in advance?

There is no limit to the number of recordings, as long as you do not schedule more shows at the same time as your PVR type allows it and you have enough recording space left.

How will I know if I have reached the limit of my recording space?

A message will appear on the screen telling you that the recording space is limited (80% full) or completely filled.

Note: If you have a recording in progress and you are running out of space, the recording will stop. You can still see the free recording space from "My recordings". You can also manually delete recordings and configure your device to automatically delete recorded programs when space runs out.

I press "List" to access my recordings and the message "PVR not available" appears.

Unplug the PVR from the wall outlet for 2 minutes, then plug it back in and turn on the device. If the message still appears when you press LIST, contact our Technical Support at 1.866.544.3358.

If a program exceeds the scheduled broadcast hours (a sporting event in overtime, for example), how can I be sure that it will be recorded in full?

By accessing the recording options, you can adjust the recording start and end times and ensure that the event will be recorded in full.

My PVR emits a constant hum. Is this normal?
Almost all recording terminals are fitted with a fan that cools their hard drive. It is therefore normal for the fan to produce a humming noise. However, if your terminal is placed in a poorly ventilated or hot place, its fan will produce more noise.
My series recording is missing an episode.

It’s likely that the episode was identified as “Re-run” instead of “New” and that your recording settings did not take it into account.

Sometimes episodes are misidentified by channels, which is why we recommend selecting the "All episodes" option when scheduling the recording of a series.

Only a portion of my show is saved. Why?
If the start of a show is not recorded, you may have started recording during transmission. If the end of a show is not saved, the PVR may have reached the maximum capacity of its recording space before your show has been completely recorded.
The PVR indicates that the recording space is 100% full, but the content list seems smaller.

Delete a recorded program. The PVR should display the new value of the contents of your hard drive. If the problem persists, contact our Technical Support at 1.866.544.3358.

What happens to the recordings during a power outage?

All recordings made before the power outage will be retained. The recordings which were to take place during the failure must be reprogrammed.

When I watch a recorded program, a black screen appears. What can I do?

Disconnect the power cable from the PVR for 30 seconds and reconnect it. Wait 5 minutes and press the LIST button. Your list of recorded events should be available. If the problem persists, contact our Technical Support.

Will my PVR continue to record if it is turned off? Do I have to leave it turned on so that it can record?

You can turn off your PVR. It will turn on by itself at the right time to perform its recording schedule.

On-screen guide
I can't get out of one menu from the guide.

Press the EXIT button to return directly to watching TV, or the LAST button to return to the previous menu.

The guide indicates "To be communicated".

This indicates that the guide information is being downloaded. Wait a few minutes. If the channel names do not appear on the left of the schedule after 15 minutes, unplug the PVR 30 seconds, plug it back in and if the programming data does not appear after another 30 minutes, contact our Technical Support. A PVR can take up to 60 minutes to reload its guide after a power failure or reconfiguration.

The guide is locked. No button on the remote control or terminal works. What can I do?

Disconnect the PVR and reconnect it. This will reset it. Wait for the data to download. This can take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Pay-per-view TV
At the end of a pay-per-view program, can I start over from the beginning?
Yes. As long as your viewing or rental period has not passed, you can watch it again.
How can I order a movie or an event on Indigo?

Select the event in the guide and press OK/SELECT. Follow the instructions. Enter your PIN when requested. By default, the PIN is "1-2-3-4".

A few minutes before the broadcast, a reminder message on the screen will indicate that your rental is about to start. See also our "Pay-per-view Event" tip video.

How do I return to viewing a pay-per-view program after changing channels?

Click on "My rentals" in the pay-per-view programming menu and choose the program to which you wish to return. You can return to the point where you were, using the "Return" function or start over at the beginning using the "Restart" function.

How many pay-per-view events can I order at a time?
There is a limit of 6 orders per 24 hours.
I can't rent content on Indigo.
You may have exceeded the $ 200 limit for the current billing period.
I get the error message "Unable to respond to request" when ordering a pay-per-view program. What does that mean?
This message appears when the information cannot be transmitted by your PVR. Turn it off, then turn it on again. If the message still appears, note the time and the operations you carried out, then contact our Technical Support.
In the time guides, certain program titles are preceded by a check mark or a dollar sign. What does that mean?
You will see a check mark or dollar sign to indicate that a program you have ordered is ready to be viewed.
Is there a rental limit on Indigo channels?
Orders are limited to $ 200 per billing period.
The information or the prices indicated do not seem to be correct on an Indigo channel.

The data is transmitted to our guide supplier by Indigo and sometimes information is changed at the last minute without being able to be adjusted in time in the guide. You can consult the costs and hours of broadcasting on the Indigo website.

What happens if I don't have time to watch the end of my pay-per-view program before the expiration?
You will have to order it again.
What happens if I miss a movie or a pay-per-view event that I ordered?
In the case of systems with impulse controls, you will not be billed for pay-per-view programs ordered if the channel has not been tuned in. Ask our Technical Support.
Why can't I rent this pay-per-view movie?

Several factors explain a restrictions on pay-per-view orders.
The most common are:

• Perhaps, by mistake, you have placed too many orders. You must then cancel an order to add another.
• You may have reached your credit limit.

Remote control
I did a code research and found none that worked. What can I do?

Perform a new code research after deleting the programming of the MODE button. Here's how:

• Keep the SETUP button pressed until the button for the last mode selected flashes twice.

• Release it.

• Press and release the MODE button. The button will then have been deleted twice.

My PVR's remote control does not control TV sound or channels.

• Keep the TV button pressed until all the buttons light up and go out twice.

• Enter the code corresponding to your television model using the digital buttons.

• To test, press POWER. If the TV closes or opens, your remote control is configured. If the code does not work, refer to the remote control manual, available at the bottom of this page.

No button on the remote control or PVR works.

Disconnect the power supply from the PVR for 30 seconds then reconnect it. If the buttons still do not work after a few minutes, repeat this procedure or contact our Technical Support.

Nothing happens when I press a button on the remote control.

• Press the CABLE button on the remote control to make sure you are in “cable” mode. Try your remote control again. If it still does not respond, go to the next step.

• Press the CHANNEL button on the front of the PVR box. If the channels change, the problem comes from the remote control only. You may need to replace the batteries or the remote control itself.

Nothing happens when the "Menu" button is pressed, but I can change the channels (go to previous or next ones). Why?

If the PVR has just been installed, the guide will take between 15 and 30 minutes to download. If nothing happens after this interval, disconnect the PVR and reconnect it. Wait another 15 to 30 minutes. If the interactive menu screen still does not appear, contact our Technical Support.

The "Mode" button flashes when I press a button, but the device does not respond to the command.

Check that the remote control is pointing towards the device and that you are within 4.5 meters of it. Also, make sure there are no objects between the remote control and the devices' infrared sensors.

The "Mode" buttons does not flash when I press a button.
Replace the batteries with two new “AA” type batteries.
The remote control cannot switch on the Sony/Sharp brand combined TV/Video devices.

To turn on these devices, you must program the TV codes on the remote control. For Sony brand devices, use the TV code "0000" and the VCR code "0032". For Sharp devices, use the TV code "0093" and the VCR code "0048".

The remote control does not control the devices in my entertainment system. The controls do not work properly.
Try all of the manufacturer codes listed for the brand of device you are trying to program. Also make sure that the device can be controlled by an infrared remote control.

Video on demand

Are the rentals I make on VOD free?

Yes. When you order a movie or show on a channel to which you have subscribed, no fees apply. Example: If you subscribed to SUPER ÉCRAN, the selection of movies to watch is free of charge.

That being said, fees apply on a rental made in the "Films Francos" and "Movies" sections, as they offer additional content to the basic programming of your subscription. The rental price is indicated in the description box of the movie, located at the top left of the screen.

Are there extra fees to pay to access VOD?

No. VOD is a free subscription service to digital television, where technology allows it.

Can all my PVRs at home access VOD?
It depends on their model. PVRs from older generations cannot access it.
Can I distinguish the content that I have already watched from the content that I have not yet viewed?
Yes. You can confirm this by accessing the "My rentals" menu. The indicator is available 24 hours after viewing.
Can we block channels or programs on VOD?
Yes. It is possible to lock the VOD service in addition to locking films with precise ratings (General, 18 yo and +, etc.). It is also possible to block paid content. A call to our Technical Support is required.
Could I watch content on demand from a channel that I did not subscribe to during a free preview?
No. Although a channel is on free preview for a limited time, privileged access to its on demand content is reserved for its subscribers only.
For a chargeable VOD rental, is a confirmation required?

Yes. You must select the "Buy" option and press the OK/SELECT button. A new window will appear in which you will have to confirm a second time by pressing OK/SELECT again.

How long can I access a paid rental on VOD?
You have 24 hours to view it.
How long is on demand content available in a channel’s library?
The availability of a movie or episodes of a series varies from channel to channel. You can find out their withdrawal date in their description box.
How many times can I view a paid rental on VOD?
As many times as desired, inside the 24-hour rental window.
Is it possible to adjust only the volume of the home page of the VOD service?
No. However, you can adjust the volume of your TV with your remote control.
Is it possible to cancel a paid rental on VOD?
No. Once you've confirmed the two paid rental steps for a movie, it will automatically be charged.
Is it possible to record a paid rental made with VOD?


Is there a rental limit regarding the video on demand?
Orders are limited to $ 200 per billing period.
What does the gift icon next to a channel mean?
This means that a subscription to the channel is required to access its on demand content.
What is the difference between a rental on the VOD and one on the Indigo Channel?

VOD offers a library whose content is mostly free with basic digital television subscriptions, pay-per-view channels and digital packages. If you rent a chargeable movie on VOD, you have 24 hours to watch it at the time of your choice.

The Indigo Channel is a premiere movie rental service. Its content is always chargeable and you must view your rental when it is broadcasted, at the time determined by the channel. Once the movie is over, it is no longer accessible.

What is the image quality of VOD rentals?
The quality is comparable to that of a "Blu-ray" movie.
Why are some episodes not available in the library?
It is possible that the start of a series was presented the previous season and that the same shows are no longer available, even though the series in question is still running. This choice is at the discretion of the channel supplier.
General questions
A message on the screen indicates that "This function has not been restored". What does that mean?

This message appears when a function is not accessible when the PVR has not received all the required data. This often occurs after a power failure.

A message on the screen says "No signal / Weak signals".

This is often caused by a change of source. Press the VIDEO SOURCE button. If a menu appears, choose the source that matches where the PVR is connected to the TV, such as "HDMI 1" or "AV".

Also take a look at our "Source selection" tip video.

A message on the screen says "Channel available soon".
Disconnect the power cord from the PVR for a few seconds and then reconnect it. Turn on the PVR and wait a few seconds. If the message still appears, contact our Technical Support.
I do not have the video, the image is scrambled or I cannot tune in any digital channel. What can I do?

Make sure that all cable connections are in place and that your TV is on the correct channel (3 or 4). Also, make sure that you control the PVR (press the CABLE button on the remote control).

I don’t see the edges of the picture. What can I do?
Go to the main menu, select "Configuration" then "Screen position" and press the arrow buttons until the image is well centered.
I forgot my lock code and my purchase code.
Contact our Technical Support to reset them.
The image breaks down into small squares.

This is called "mosaic". If this happens on one channel only, it is often caused by a problem with the broadcast of the channel itself.

If the mosaic is present on more than one channel, contact our Technical Support, as it may be a signal problem that needs to be corrected by our teams.

What is parental control for?
To stay in control of your TV. You can restrict access to certain content or to entire channels that will only be unlocked if the correct PIN is provided.
What to do when the TV screen is black?
Make sure the TV and the PVR are on. If the screen remains black, check if the TV is in position 3 and on the correct source.
For any other technical questions about your TV service,
contact our technical support at 1.866.544.3358.