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How to connect your Internet
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How to restart your modem?
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How to perform an
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Download limit
How do I know if I exceed my Internet download limit? / I wish to receive an email informing me that I have reached my Internet download limit.

Details of Internet consumption are available in the Client space. You only have to subscribe to the email notification to receive a reminder when your consumption reaches 90% of its limit.

Check the box and voila!

Do you want to use an email address different from the one registered in the account? We have everything planned: just put it in the box and press "Edit".

I'm afraid to exceed my Internet limit.
If you frequently exceed your download limit, contact us to find out if your Internet plan is suitable for your needs. You can add an additional 30 GB block or benefit from an offer that is more suited to your usage.
Why are there download and transfer limits?
Limits exist to make a network easier to manage and ensure fair use among subscribers. Our download limits are based on the monthly consumption of 95% of our customers.
Why do you offer download limits?

Our download limits are based on the monthly consumption of more than 95% of our current customers and our packages allow us to meet the specific demand of each. If you frequently exceed your download limit, you may not have the right plan for your needs. You will never pay more than $ 30 per month if you exceed your download limit.

Internet connection
Can other people access my files or read my emails?
No. We use reliable techniques that protect the privacy of our customers. This configuration guarantees the security of your files.
Does high speed Internet service include email? What if I need other email addresses?

The high speed Internet service includes five addresses or email accounts. Additional email addresses are also available at a cost of $ 1 per month, per address.

How do I access my invoice online? / How do I stop receiving a paper invoice?

As soon as you have registered for the online invoice, you will no longer receive an invoice by post. The invoice is posted online, and you can view it at any time in the Client space.

Each month, as soon as your invoice is established, you receive an email inviting you to go and consult it online to make the payment. Your online invoice contains the same information as the paper version and can be printed for your records, if necessary.

How fast is the Internet speed at my home?

Contact us to find out: 1.866.544.3358, option 2. You can measure your browsing speed right here in the Internet section.

How to access my Client space?

Go to and click on "My Client space" at the top or bottom of the page, then log in. If you are not already registered or if you have forgotten your access information, call 1.866.544.3358 and choose option 2 or 4. An agent will activate it for you.

You can also enter in your Internet browser to reach the home page automatically.

I lost my Internet connection. What can I do?
If this happens at home, restart the computer. If service does not return, unplug the router, if you have one, and the Internet modem. Wait 10 to 15 seconds, reconnect the Internet modem, then wait another 10 to 15 seconds and reconnect the router. Wait 30 seconds and test your Internet again. If that still doesn't work, contact our Technical Support.
Is the modem Internet connection secure?
Cable modem technology is as secure as any other technology. However, it is recommended that you protect your computer as you would against viruses with appropriate software.
My Internet connection is not working. What can I do?

Your Internet connection may not work for various reasons.

- The computer may be at fault. To eliminate this possibility, switch it off, wait a few seconds and restart it.

- On your modem, make sure that the "online" indicator light is on and that it is not flashing. Otherwise, the modem may not be connected to the network. You must therefore reset your cable modem as follows: unplug the power cable, wait 20 seconds, then plug it back in. If the connection problem persists, contact our Technical Support.

My Internet connection is offline and my network is no longer available.

If the situation does not recover after a few minutes, make sure that your modem and router are plugged in and that their indicator lights indicate that they are on (power indicator light). If the situation does not resolve, contact our Technical Support at 1.866.544.3358.

My internet connection seems slow.

Often, restarting the computer helps it to function properly. If you have only one computer connected directly to the Internet modem, check if you have a downloading software running (for example, Utorrent and Bitorrent), as this slows down browsing.

If you have a router, unplug it, take the network cable plugged into the back of the Internet modem (blue or yellow wire) and plug it directly into the computer for 2 to 3 days. If you are still experiencing delays, you can test your Internet speed by clicking here.

Several external factors can affect the speed of your connection. In case of slowness, check your installation. Also, the router, frequently used to connect several devices to the Internet, can cause slowdowns.

Various factors may be involved:

A- The router itself

• Make sure that the capacity of your router is sufficient.
• Make sure your router is properly secured in case your connection is used without your knowledge. In addition, your device may experience slowdowns caused by interference.
• Check network sharing because several devices using the same connection imply that the speed of your Internet access is shared between them.

B- Your computer

• The state of your computer can affect your Internet access.

C- Your use

• If you browse on heavily visited sites, your connection will be slowed down.

- Restarting the device helps it to function properly: switch it off for a few seconds and then switch it on again.
- The router is located in an open and elevated location.
- The devices are protected by a good antivirus.
- The wireless network is locked and you never reveal your password.
- Delete apps that are not useful to you.
- Adapt your Internet plan to the number of devices you use and the use you make of your home network.

My wireless Internet connection is not working. What can I do?

If your wireless Internet connection is not working, you can contact our Technical Support and one of our agents will help you. It is very important to know that we do not support router configurations. The agent will check the wireless connection settings and, if it still does not work, will ask you to connect to a network cable to make sure the service is working. In summary, wireless connection is supported, but not the router configuration.

If you need help setting up your router, here is a list of manufacturers and their phone numbers:

D-Link : 1 800.361.5265
Linksys : 1 800.326.7114
Belkin : 1 800.223.5546, extension 2263
TP-Link : 1 866.225.8139 (English only)
Asus : 1 888.616.2787
Netgear : 1 877.875.1880
Cisco : 1 800.326.7114, option 3

What is a wireless network?
It is an Internet connection that does not require a wire. A wireless network usually includes a modem router connected using a wireless network card or an integrated wireless network card instead of a cable.
What is high speed for?

Here are some advantages of high speed:
- Continuous access.
- The ability to browse the Internet while talking on the phone.
- The ability to download large files in no time.

Internet consumption
Can I optimize my Internet speed for free?
Yes, by placing the router, among other things, in a central clear space, keeping your devices and applications up to date and securing your network so that no unwanted user uses your connection.
How can I get my username and password to access my monthly usage?
To obtain them, contact our Technical Support.
I would like to track my Internet usage.

Nothing could be easier thanks to your Client space! You’ll find there the daily evolution of your consumption during the month and an assessment of the past months. If you have not yet visited your Client space, contact our Customer Service or our Technical Support at 1.866.544.3358. The agent who will answer you will choose a username and password with you and guide you through your first use.

What can reduce my transfer rate?

Several factors can influence it. Here are a few :

- The site from which you download is congested.
- The site from which you download goes through several link providers.
- Your “firewall” software is incorrectly configured.
- You share your connection with other computers on your internal network.

General questions
How can I protect myself from email phishing?

By never responding to unsolicited emails announcing that you are the lucky winner of a product or service. Do not click on any link and delete the email without opening it. Above all, never disclose personal information such as a PIN or credit card number.

I need additional email addresses.
We include 5 addresses in your Internet package. You can add more for $ 1 per month per additional address.
What is a wireless network?
It is an Internet connection that does not require a wire and usually includes a modem router with a wireless network card instead of a cable.
When should updates be made?
If set up overnight, content downloads and updates will have less negative impact on local congestion.

Installation and Configuration

Entourage on Mac
Thunderbird on Windows
MacMail on Macintosh
Outlook Express on Windows
Outlook Express on Macintosh
Live Mail 2011
Outlook 2003 on Windows
Outlook 2007 on Windows
Outlook 2010 on Windows
Windows Mail
For any other technical questions about your Internet service,
contact our technical support at 1.866.544.3358.