DERYtelecom monitors the situation hour by hour and takes all necessary measures to protect the health of its subscribers and employees, while ensuring the best possible service. The information on this page will be updated regularly.

No excess download fees incurred in March, April, May and June 2020 were billed to our residential and business Internet subscribers.

Several channels currently offer free preview. Some are already included in your basic package. Rest assured that we remain on the lookout for any free preview offers in order to make it available as quickly as possible.

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 Customer service

Our support services by phone are all active according to the usual hours, both for information on your packages and for technical support. The majority of our services are offered remotely and by self-installation.

NEW MEASURES - Last updated on August 24, 2020.

To allow our employees to balance work and family during this period of Covid-19, our points of service remain closed for an indefinite period.

DERYtelecom is proud to have young parents on its team. They are currently having to deal with the new reality linked to Covid-19. This is why we must adapt the scedule and operate with a reduced workforce in order to allow them to reconcile work and family life, while ensuring you the best service possible.

We invite you to contact our telephone customer service to find out the procedure to follow for your returns and exchanges of equipment, or any other request concerning your subscription (billing, sale, account closure, etc.).

Our technicians are still going houses to houses, under certain conditions. During an installation or repair, the technician will be able to provide support from outside. If necessary, at the discretion of the customer and the technician, the latter will enter, as long as the social distancing protocol can be respected.

For an addition or modification to an existing service, we favor self-installation and remote activation.

When requesting an appointment, the agent will obligatorily ask you a few questions to validate the possibility of using self-installation. Rest assured that these measures are intended to protect our subscribers, our employees and their families.
Our measures for the health and safety of our employees:
  • Hygiene measures for surfaces and equipment.
  • Respect of a minimal distance of two meters between individuals.
  • Usage of gloves and products for employees.
  • Installation and repair by self-installation or with the assistance of a technician outside the home.
  • Prioritization of repairs and cancellation of certain works on the network to assure services to subscribers


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+ Why don’t you place this channel on free preview?
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+ I am trying to communicate with your Customer Service by telephone, but communication is unable to be established. Do you receive a high volume of calls?
+ I'm trying to reach someone, but my phone line is dead. What's going on?
+ When I try to make a phone call, I get an error message. Why?