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Channel selection

A la carte channels  -  from $0.99 /month*

You enjoy the basic TV service but you want more?
You can choose from a range of a la carte and theme options to shape your bundle at our convenience. Choose from our a la carte channels and create a package that really suits you.

* SD and HD when technology permits. GST and QST are not included. Where technology permits. Other conditions apply.

Channel selection

Enjoy the most popular TV channels thanks to our complete range of theme packs! They are bundled up to please every TV fan no matter their preferences. Each channel lineup includes a digital base and theme packs such as News, Sports, Lifestyle and Discovery.

  High Definition - $5 /month

   Tele-Max - $12 /month

  Tele-Max 2 - $5 /month

  Tele-Max 3 - $7 /month

  Tele-Max Network - $1 /month
Montréal Montréal

  TVA Sports - $5 /month

  Super Écran - $12.95 /month

  Sports - $6.95 /month

  The Movie Network - $12 /month

  TMN Encore (Subscription to The Movie Network required) - $3 /month

  Discovery - $4.95 /month

  Variety - $5.95 /month

  Lifestyle - $4.95 /month

  Super Stations - $4.95 /month

  News - $3.95 /month

  Kids - $4.95 /month

  Variety+ - $5.95 /month

  Diversity - $2.95 /month

$11.95/month $11.95/month $14.99/month

The channel lineup includes customer preferences of your own area. That’s one of the benefits of choosing a regional provider in touch with its clients! A la carte channels and theme packs may vary according to region.