Digital TV
15 Mbps Internet
Check availability at your door
Starting at
for 24 month
Starting at
for 24 month
on Combo or Trio packages
Starting at
for 24 month
on Trio package

Free rental
on selected terminal models.1

Speed of
15 Mbps and 200 GB
of data transfer per month

1 000 minutes

of long-distance calls in Québec
included each month

Basic package including
25 specialized channels among
over 100 channels

Unlimited download

available for only $10 a month2

3-option package

(call display, voicemail, call waiting)4

The most popular
HD channels

Optical performance

whether you are near or far
from our central

or long-distance
network usage fee

Exclusive local channels
made for you

Wi-Fi home

network available3

Unlimited long-distance package available5
Free installation of 3 services by a qualified technician

For details, call 1.866.544.3358