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Local televisions

The voice of a community

Convinced a community must have its own voice, DERYtelecom supports local television of Baie-Saint-Paul (TVCO), Saint-Raymond (CJSR), Berthierville (CTRB), Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon (CTB), Trois-Pistoles (TCBH) as well as TVDL, its private Saguenay television station.

It is with great conviction that financial aid is awarded to maintain this essential service to the community. Therefore, all our customers have access to an exclusive local television dedicated to their regional reality.

TVDL - La Baie
CJSR - Portneuf
TVCO - Charlevoix
CTB - Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon
CTRB - Berthierville
TCBH - Trois-Pistoles

Saguenay bulletin board
Portneuf bulletin board
Charlevoix bulletin board