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DERYtelecom takes concrete actions to support community and local causes throughout its territory by encouraging youth, sports and culture. The company is dedicated to giving back part of its income to endorse various initiatives on its territory in an equitable manner. Each year, the company gives back tens of thousands of dollars to support various events and organisations across its territory.

Sponsorship application

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application form,
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  • Applications that do not meet DERYtelecom’s sponsorship policy will not be considered.
  • DERYtelecom must have exclusivity in the “telecommunications” category of all sponsorship.
  • All sponsorship requests must be submitted at least two (2) months before the event is held.
  • Requests are processed within three (3) to four (4) weeks.
  • Follow up is provided for selected requests only.

At the heart of events that liven up communities

Centre communautaire et culturel de Saint-Marc-des-Carrières

Saint-Marc-des-Carrières Community Center gratefully acknowledges DERYtelecom contribution to the town’s performance hall. This support provides citizens of West Portneuf access to major performances while making culture accessible in the area.
Club de compétition de ski du Mont-Édouard

Partnerships such as DERYtelecom’s enable young athletes from the Mont-Édouard ski Club to stay focussed on their passion. This commitment fosters ‘’High-speed’’ development of the sports culture, as well as personal achievement. Thank you DERY!
   Le Cabaret Festif! de Baie-Saint-Paul

DERYtelecom has been invloved with the  Festif! from the beginning. Without their support, several initiatives surrounding  Le Festif! Festival of Baie-Saint-Paul and the emerging Cabaret Festif! would not be as impressive and professional.
  Maison des jeunes de La Baie

Internet access is a major tool helping us in the planning of activities at the Maison des jeunes of La Baie. With the support of DERYtelecom, we can make sure our youth have free access to the Web inside our premises. This enables them to find information and better equip themselves, to do their home works, to play and so much more! Thank you for your commitment to our youth and to our organization!
Concours de Châteaux de sable des Îles de la Madeleine

The Sand Castles Competition, iconic event of the Magdalen Islands, is proud to be associated with DERYtelecom. The Québec Company, new to our region, brings a huge support to our community. Thank you for believing in us!
Centre d'apprentissage CLÉ de Saint-Cyprien

The Saint-Cyprien Learning Center, literacy NPO, is grateful to DERYtelecom for its support. Their grant helped provide computer workshops to our participants.
Maison des jeunes de Saint-Adelphe

The municipality of Saint-Adelphe acknowledges the social commitment of DERYtelecom. The company is dynamic and generous, and contributes to the development of communities. Saint-Adelphe is especially grateful for your contribution to Youth Center.
Festitrad et Festival d'été de Saint-Gabriel

Thanks to DERYtelecom’s support, the City of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon can stage a rich and colourful programming during the Festitrad and Summer Festival.
Chambre de commerce de Labelle

The Chamber of Commerce of Labelle is pleased to count among its members DERYtelecom, the largest cable provider in the area. DERYtelecom is a valuable sponsor of the Annual golf tournament, thus contributing to maintain our regular activities.
Municipalité de Saint-Édouard

The Municipality of Saint-Édouard gratefully acknowledges the commitment of DERYtelecom, allowing citizens to benefit from free Internet service in our public library. Thank you for being a proud partner of our town!
Maison de jeunes CAP Accueil Jeunesse Saint-André

The Youth Center of Saint-André (CAP Accueil Jeunesse) has been privileged to benefit from your support over the years. Your services are valuable to all and your involvement in the community really makes a difference!