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Involved within the community

DERYtelecom takes concrete actions to support community and local causes throughout its territory by encouraging youth, sports and culture. The company is dedicated to giving back part of its income to endorse various initiatives on its territory in an equitable manner. Each year, the company gives back tens of thousands of dollars to support various events and organisations across its territory.

Sponsorship application

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application form,
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  • Applications that do not meet DERYtelecom’s sponsorship policy will not be considered.
  • DERYtelecom must have exclusivity in the “telecommunications” category of all sponsorship.
  • All sponsorship requests must be submitted at least two (2) months before the event is held.
  • Requests are processed within three (3) to four (4) weeks.
  • Follow up is provided for selected requests only.

At the heart of events that liven up communities

Pont-Rouge regional musical school

Our teachers and students now have access to a fast and reliable internet connexion during their music class. Thanks to DERYtelecom for this service and their professionalism!
Animation Baie-Saint-Paul

The town of Baie-St-Paul  is proud to be associated with DERYtelecom, official summer street shows and entertainment sponsor. They came as a natural partner in enforcing local commitment towards our residents and visitors.
   Cabaret Festif of Baie-Saint-Paul emerging artists

DERYtelecom has always been dedicated to the "Cabaret Festif" of Baie-St-Paul. The festival's increasing success, now considered one of the most promising in Québec, is partly due to DERYtelecom's dedication, a partner with a dynamic vision helping with concrete actions for the well-being of the community.
"Pistolo" provincial tournament, Trois-Pistoles

We are very pleased DERYtelecom is one of the main sponsors of our team. With this contribution, we continue offering our players quality equipment during the season and the series. The whole team of the Basques minor hockey league Association is grateful for this support!
Festivals and events Corporation of Charlevoix

DERYtelecom has been a sponsor of the Charlevoix "Festival de peinture Rêves d'automne" for many years.This collaboration has enabled the Charlevoix residents and all of our visitors to establish a privileged contact with multidisciplinary artists. By encouraging culture, DERYtelecom allows this quality artistic venue which benefits the whole community.
Les Grandes Veillées festival, La Baie

DERYtelecom has put its trust in our '"Trad" music and culture festival eversince the beginning, in 2005, by being involved on both financial and human levels. The festival now hosts nearly 45,000 visitors and we know DERYtelecom really has our success at heart. They contribute to the event's sustainability and the vitality of our community.
Town of Larouche

The town of Larouche is proud to honour DERYtelecom's involvment within our community. By financially supporting the Soccer team, the Youth center and the town festival, DERYtelecom has demonstrated great enthousiasm towards families and local initiatives wherever the company operates.