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A day in the life of...

Customer service


Customer Service agent,
always on the frontline!

First contact for the customer, this is a truly interactive job connected with the company’s other departments. The agent can work at the call center or in our stores. He is in contact with customers and future customers inquiring about our services.

Technical support


Technical Support agent
objective: client satisfaction!

Analysis and problem solving are at the heart of this job which requires technical and computer knowledge. Calls from across the territory are forwarded to our regional call center available at all times. Every technical issue, great or small, is overcome thanks to our team of dedicated specialists.



Installation technician,
a stimulating job!

Come rain or shine, the installation technician has a privileged contact with our customers. They are the true link between the customer’s needs and our services. Workdays are filled with challenge, and are planned accordingly to consistent safety procedures.

Network technician,


Network technician,
at the heart of our operations!

The cable network technician builds infrastructures carrying services to our customers. Telecommunications are constantly evolving and our network team works with leading-edge equipment.

Dispatching service


Dispatching agent,
our customer comfort in mind!

To manage our technicians schedule and the installation proceedings is a thorough job requiring attention to detail. Within a strong team and a dynamic work space, mutual assistance is required to plan our services installation and leave nothing to chance.



the very foundation of our services!

Every day, our customers and staff use tools developed by our own programming team: website, clients extranet space, internal management softwares; our IT team has opted for flexibility and data control while designing all these tools. Our team is constantly encouraged to innovate and integrate new technologies to offer our customers and staff the best possible experience.