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In 1954, Mr. Gilles Déry founded Vidéo Déry ltd. It is with great pride that we have gathered 60 years in the business, a story that started in a small office in Saint-Raymond.

Over 60 years of evolution

1954 Vidéo Déry ltée is founded
1963 Acquisition of the cable network of La Baie, now home of the head office
1988 Acquisition of the Baie-Saint-Paul cable network
1990 Launch of local television TVDL
1995 Acquisition of the Bas-Saguenay cable network
1996 1st Internet provider in our Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean territories
2002 The head office is destroyed by fire
2006 The company is renamed DERYtelecom
2007 Launching of cable telephone
2007 CoopTel and DERYtelecom gather for the acquisition of Magog's Câble Axion
2010 Technical support becomes Impartel
2010 Acquisition of the Lower and Upper Saint-Lawrence' Cablevision
2013 Acquisition of part of Cogeco network in Lac-St-Jean
2014 Acquisition of Eastlink's Québec network (Outaouais, Lanaudière, Laurentians and Portneuf)
2014 Extension of the territory covered in Outaouais, Lanaudière as well as the Laurentians and Portneuf regions
2015 Named Business of the year by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saguenay – Le Fjord
2016 DERY is bought by four of its directors
2016 The Saint-Raymond store is destroyed by fire
2016 Acquisition of Teknocom (Laurentians, Outaouais)
2016 Extension of the territory covered in the Laurentians and Outaouais regions


A strong company, deeply rooted in its community

DERYtelecom keeps on growing and evolving, true to its commitment to ensure services and customer approach quality. This translates into cable network optimization and expansion, phone services deployment – now available across most of its territories –, acquisition and interconnection of other cable providers as well as enhancement of its service offering.

DERYtelecom encourages innovation by constantly relying on the development of its products and services. Built by driven individuals inspired by their founder’s hard work, this is reflected in the prime position held in the industry. Our founder's relentless work greatly contributed to this status. Well accepted by his community of adoption, Gilles Déry played all roles within his company, except for climbing posts, since he admittedly was not fond of heights! He repaired equipment, recorded town council meetings, answered clients inquiries and attended annual cable industry conventions in Canada and the United States. Established at the 3rd rank of Québec cable industry, DERYtelecom never ceases to diversify its Trio offer to let customers benefit from the best services there is.

As our founder used to say: "In electronics, the only permanent component is change!", DERYtelecom still lives by this maxim and is ready to face any challenge.