December 22, 2017 / By: Annie Chiricota


1. Router’s location: a choice that matters! Choose an open and elevated area to ensure better data transfer and avoid interferences. It might not be the highlight of your decor, but you would be ill-advised to hide it.

2. Up-to-date devices: say goodbye to the old computer! With more recent devices, built-in wireless cards are better adapted to adequately support their daily use.

3. Viruses and spyware: stay clear! Set your antivirus to regularly check for those unwanted guests. They’ve multiplied on the web, and it’s up to you to take care of your device’s health.

4. Secured network: safety first! Never divulge your password. Other users can access your wireless network that is why it must be secured.

5. Bandwidth-hogging applications: time to clean up. Some apps use a lot of bandwidth, overloading online navigation. A good optimization and maintenance software will help your clean up.

December 22, 2017 / By: Annie Chiricota


As a telephone service subscriber, you are responsible of all calls on your line. It is thus essential to take all necessary measures to protect yourself.

1-900 lines give access to services charged per call, such as games, contests and chat lines. Costs are determined by the service provider, not by DERYtelecom, which only transfers the charge to its customers. This third-party billing is out of our control and may take up to 4 months before showing up on your invoice.

1-900 numbers always involve a fee, sometimes very costly. This is why children should not make unauthorized calls to these numbers. Call our customer service to activate the free 1-900 call block option.

December 22, 2017 / By: Jessica Boudreault

PARENTAL CONTROL: filtering inappropriate content

While navigating on their mobile devices, children might visit sites or download apps featuring inappropriate content. As adults, we may find it hard to control their Internet browsing, especially after bedtime when teens may navigate until the early hours of morning.
To better control Internet browsing, we suggest you restrict access to inappropriate websites and apps through their mobile device operating system. According to the model, you can easily find ways to do just that on Windows, Apple and Android websites!

TV content can also be filtered
There is a simple way to control TV content at home. Rest easy thanks to the Parental control option. Find out how with this video.