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Learn to respect your Internet download limit

Each Internet plan comes with a monthly download limit. If the latter is exceeded, excess usage charges apply. We want to avoid you this at all costs! Here are some tips.

A question of balance
First and foremost, make sure you have subscribed to an Internet plan tailored to YOUR needs. A hard-core Fortnite fan will not have the same necessities as a casual Facebook user. So ask yourself the question: what are you doing on the Internet?

Remember, your needs are changing: the family is growing, you buy an additional electronic device, you take out a new subscription to an application like Netflix, etc. It is often during these changes that an imbalance between your plan and your needs is created.

For example, what is called Binge viewing can take you by surprise. When the next season of Stranger Things will arrive, you may want to watch all the episodes over a short period of time and increase your download!

Peace of mind
If the study of your needs reveals that a change is necessary, you can then opt for a more generous Internet package, or even add the Unlimited Download package (we highly recommend it!) which frees you from all constraints. With it, goodbye to questions and hello films, series and games at will!

It should come as no surprise that your needs are changing rapidly. Technology is becoming more and more important on a daily basis and it always requires more performance. Evaluate your Internet usage regularly to make sure you have enough for your usage.

Client space
We can't say it enough on this blog, but the Client space is the perfect tool to assess your Internet download needs. Not only does it allow you to see the monthly limit allowed in your plan, but also the daily evolution of your usage.

How to reach it? Call 1.866.544.3358 (option 2) for a user name and password. Then, go to

All is left to do is to enjoy your Internet service with complete peace of mind!

Become a remote control pro by mastering 6 buttons

It feels like our Atlas universal remote has more buttons than necessary. However, some of them have a very useful function!

From the channel menu, this button allows to schedule the recording of a movie or a show in advance or even on the fly. Perfect for not missing anything from our series.

Automatically displays on the screen the recordings and the space they occupy on the terminal. From the interface, it is possible to sort by date and by channel, in addition to managing the erasement of content.

Very useful to go back 10 seconds when we missed a part of our movie or misunderstood a dialogue of our favorite show.

Ideal if we have fallen behind on the current broadcast; this button allows to return to live programming with a single click.

Sometimes we like to take a look at the last channel we watched. Nothing could be simpler with this button!

Allows to access the content of Video on Demand and discover a lot of series and movies to watch as much as we want, at the time that suits us. *

To learn more about the remote control, visit the " Support " section of our website at User guides and other tips are waiting for you!

* Where technology allows it. Other conditions may apply.

Automatic payments

Why join?
An automatic payment brings peace of mind for setting accounts. To pay for your telecom bill, only one payment per month is necessary and it’s automation avoids delays while stopping the famous paper bill which is not very ecological!

How to do?
There are two possible ways to establish an automatic payment with DERYtelecom :

1.  By bank account : You must complete the pre-authorized debit membership form available on our website, attach a sample check and send it by mail to PO Box 1154, La Baie QC, G7B 3P3.

2.  By credit card (Visa or Mastercard) : Simply contact our Customer Service by phone to schedule payment.

When will my payment pass?
At DERYtelecom, all automated payments are collected on the 6th day of the month. If it is a weekend or a holiday, the deduction will be made the next business day. For example, if the 6th day of the month is a Sunday, the levy will be on Monday, the 7th day.

What about my paper bill?
As long as the amount remains unchanged, you will not receive any paper bill. This is the perfect opportunity to sign up for our Client space to view them online and help Mother Nature!

And if the amount changes?
It can happen that your monthly amount changes after a movie rental, the addition of a package, the end of a promotion, etc. In these situations, we will send you a notice of change in advance by mail or in your Client space.

What if my card expires or reaches its limit?
DERYtelecom will not charge fees, but it remains your responsibility to notify us of any changes.

And if the payment in my bank account does not pass?
DERYtelecom will charge you administrative fees that will appear on your next telecom bill. Your banking institution may also charge you other fees directly.

Automatic payment is a tool that takes a weight off your shoulders while contributing to the environment on a small-scale. For more information, contact our Customer Service at 1.866.544.3358 (option2).

Discover all the benefits of the green invoice!

Do not underestimate the consequences of our actions on a daily basis; small, long-term actions make a big difference to the environment!

Everything can begin with a simple change of habits regarding the receipt of our invoices and to do this DERYtelecom makes available to its customers the GREEN INVOICE!

Receive email notification
To start, nothing easier! You must register to the Client space with our Customer Service. Once logged in, under the "Profile" tab, you enter your email address. When the invoice is ready, a notification will be automatically sent in advance to this address every month.

View your invoice online
Go to the Client space to access the invoice under the tab "Invoicing". It is easy to find the balance due for our subscription and the cost of each of our services.

Get information quickly
No more waiting for the post to get information you need. As soon as the invoice is generated in the computer system, it is available for consultation!

Archiving your invoices in the right place
With the function "Previous month", we find in the blink of an eye our past bills. It is no longer necessary to put them in a folder where, often, they go astray or mix.

Do your part for the environment
There you go! A few clicks allowed to save paper, envelopes and even gasoline related to transportation! If we are many to take the step, in the long run, the environmental impact will be beneficial.

Contact ou Customer Service Department at 1.866.544.3358 (option 2) now to be able to create your access and start receiving your email notificatons!

4 things to think about before moving

In Quebec, spring’s arrival marks the beginning of the period of moving. Changing home involves a lot of things to think about. Here are some tips to help you move your TV, Internet and phone services.

1. Check if our services are available at your new address
It is possible that you move to a city that is not served by DERY. Once you know your new address, contact one of our customer service agents to see if our services are available. If this is not the case, the agent will accompany you in the account closing steps on the date that suits you best. You will have to return the equipment and start the process of finding a new telecommunication provider.

2. Choose the date of installation of the services at your new address

One of our technicians will have to go to your new address to connect the services and make the appropriate tests. Since this is a busy period, be sure to make an appointment in advance to have the installation date of your choice, as your presence will be required.

3. Plan a possible phone number change
DERY is subject to certain CRTC regulations regarding telephone exchanges. So if you move to another city, you may have to get a new phone number. The agent who will prepare your move will inform you of the situation. Be sure to record the new number to notify your other suppliers.

4. Bring your equipment with you
The terminals, the Internet modem, the router and the phone modem must follow you to your new address. Unplug them and make sure you have everything on hand the day the technician visits your new home. TVs and computers must also be accessible to validate the operation of the service.

So, do you already know your new address? Contact us at 1.866.544.3358 (option 2).

Client space : 5 options to discover.

The use of paper for our telecom invoices has given way to online platforms such as the DERYtelecom’s Client space. Apart from invoice consultation, this tool can do a lot more for you every day!

Using the Client space can make your life easier by giving you, in just few clicks, the answer to questions related to your billing and the use of your services.

Track your movie rental fees
You can check the list of all your paid movie rentals. It becomes easy to find the date, time and cost of a rental. No more waiting for the invoice to get this information!

Monitor your Internet consumption
Being able to verify your daily consumption is useful when you have to supervise your monthly limit. This tool is now the reference to avoid overtaking fees.

Change your router password
Find your password for your router or generate a new one (if you use the one of the company), which will allow you to keep control over the security of your Wi-Fi!

Check your long distance calls
Find the list of your long distance calls with details as precise as the date, time, duration and even the destination number of your calls!

Listen to your messages remotely
You can hear your voicemail messages directly online and even arrange a call transfer!

To access the DERYtelecom’S Client space, the creation of a username and password is required by calling at 1.866.544.3358 (option 2). Once your access is created, go to to start benefiting from all the advantages of this platform!

Unwanted calls: beware psychic hotlines and fake contests!

At home and at work, the telephone is an essential tool. It provides a sense of proximity and security. Unfortunately, it is also a common instrument for fraudsters. Under very clever disguises, such as psychic agencies and/or bogus contests, they use phishing techniques to get your money, notably through expensive long distance charges.

What can you do to protect yourself?

• List your telephone number on the Government of Canada's National Do Not Call List by going to:

• Remember that 1-900 numbers always charge fees to your phone bill. You can add the free 1-900 Call Blocking option by contacting our customer service.

• Don’t claim prizes for contests you didn’t participate in.

• Don’t dial a phone number that you don’t know and that doesn’t come from a trustworthy source. This is often where surprise fees apply.

• In case of abuse, file a complaint with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by calling 1-866-580-3625 or by going to:

• If you suspect you’ve fallen victim to a scam, notify the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center by calling 1-888-495-8501 or by going to:

Please note that DERYtelecom has no control over unwanted calls. If long distance charges are incurred, DERYtelecom acts as only an intermediary and simply transfers the amount to its subscriber’s bill. Furthermore, there may be a delay of four months between the fraudulent call and the addition of charges on your bill.

In any case, your vigilance will be the most efficient preventative tool!

Getting too many unsolicited calls?

The National Do Not Call List (DNCL) gives consumers a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls.

In a perfect world, every telemarketer would run an honest business. Unfortunately, your phone number may end up in the wrong hands…

The good news is that you can choose to reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive by registering your personal telephone number at no charge, including landline, wireless and fax on the National DNCL at

Who can still call you?

•    Canadian registered charities;
•    Political parties, riding associations and candidates;
•    Polling firms;
•    Organizations with whom you have an existing business relationship or from whom you have purchased or leased a product over the past months.

Once you register your number, it stays on the DNCL permanently, and there is no need to re-register. Telemarketers must access the National DNCL, at a minimum, every 31 days while making telemarketing calls and remove registered numbers from their calling lists.

For more details, or to make a complaint about a telemarketer:

A matter of technology

Ultra HD format (also called 4K) displays images with 4 times more pixels, and 4 times as clear compared with Full HD (1080p). Please note that certain conditions apply!

Even if 4K TV sets have become very present on the market, the current 4K TV offer is not very widespread. Therefore, these last generation equipment have more HD than 4K content to display.

DERYtelecom HD terminals offer a great quality of image and sound. Just remember that to really enjoy your TV experience some wining conditions must be combined: tuning HD channels from a HD terminal connected with a HD cable to a HD TV set. A simple recipe, don’t you agree?

Beware! If you are planning to buy a 60-inch TV set or smaller, Ultra HD is less advisable. With smaller screens, you might not see the difference between HD and 4K unless you are sitting as close as five feet!

Contact our Customer service for more information on our theme bundles and individual channels at 1.866.544.3358 option #2.

How is your Internet

You recently noticed that your apps take longer to get through and your emails are slowed to a crawl? You may want to take some time and evaluate if your bundle fits your current needs.

Since your original subscription, you added two cell phones, one tablet and an IP TV set: chances are that your Internet access cannot provide your household adequately anymore.

When using several wireless equipment at once, a new device can require more from your home network, and you may need higher Internet capacity to avoid what is known as ‘’local congestion’’.

Handy tips:
•    Configure updates to take place overnight.
•    Never divulge your password, and make sure that no uninvited guests are using your home network!

One of our customer service agents will be happy to assess your needs at 1.866.544.3358, option #2.

Cyber attacks aimed at home and small business routers

Your DERY wireless network is safe

A malicious software (or malware) called VPNfilter was recently exposed. But do not fear, your DERY router is safe!

What makes the difference with other routers is the firmware DERY customizes its router with. Our IT team customizes the equipment for our customers ensuring VPNfilter cannot affect them.

For those who do not have a DERY router:
Restart the device to quickly disable malicious software by turning it off, and back on.

Here is the FBI recommendation for greater safety*:
-Disable remote management settings.
-Set a new router password.

*Source:  FBI alert I-052518-PSA:

Choose the right password

Are you, like Mark Zuckerberg, using passwords such as ‘’dadada’’? This could have serious consequences should a hacker target you. Here are a few tips to create safe passwords.

You should use different passwords for each of your online accounts (Facebook, emails, bank, etc.). By doing this, hackers might steal identity on one platform, but won’t have easy access to the others. A reliable PIN must include capital and lower case letters, numbers, as well as special characters.

Such passwords are harder to remember, so here’s a free translation of a very useful and simple tip from techno blogger François Charron: Choose a sentence you can adapt according to the platform you’re on. For instance, ‘’I like’’ plus the name of the site or service ‘’ILike1Staples!’’

Test your passwords at It would take a computer over 400 years to crack ILikeStaples! Not bad!

*Source (in French only):

Online scams are multiplying

Follow these 5 tips to prevent identity theft.

1. Always use a secured Wi-Fi connection for online banking and shoping. Avoid public and shared Wi-Fi networks.

2. Carefully check the origin of e-Transfers before accepting them and make sure the redirection site is secured (Lock icon in the upper left side) and that you see the right security question/image.

3. Verify email address before clicking on any attached link. Email scams are often very credible, but the address used might not be. In doubt, don't click.

4. When offered a free product, beware if you still have to provide your credit card number. It might be a scam.

5. All information disclosed on social media can be used to steel your identity: phone number, address, and even your date of birth!

Stay clear of Internet fraud and phone scams

Fake Internet surveys
Unwanted windows are currently popping-up on the web to supposedly collect comments about DERY. Please note that it’s a scam. All services provider undergo such scams and DERY is no exception. Though they seem very harmless, these surveys are not legitimate. They may represent a threat for your devices and privacy. We advise you to immediately close those windows.

Email fraud
DERY does not request important information from subscribers by mail and never requests personal data through Internet. If you receive such communications, do not answer.

1-900 lines: fees applicable at all times
1-900 lines give you access to services charged per calls, such as games, online contests and fortune-telling lines. 1-900 lines always involve a fee and must not be confused with 1-800 toll-free lines. The cost is determined by the service provide, not by DERYtelecom, which only transfers the charge to its customers. It may take up to 4 months before those charges show up on your invoice. The 1-900 call block option is available for free.


1. Router’s location: a choice that matters! Choose an open and elevated area to ensure better data transfer and avoid interferences. It might not be the highlight of your decor, but you would be ill-advised to hide it.

2. Up-to-date devices: say goodbye to the old computer! With more recent devices, built-in wireless cards are better adapted to adequately support their daily use.

3. Viruses and spyware: stay clear! Set your antivirus to regularly check for those unwanted guests. They’ve multiplied on the web, and it’s up to you to take care of your device’s health.

4. Secured network: safety first! Never divulge your password. Other users can access your wireless network that is why it must be secured.

5. Bandwidth-hogging applications: time to clean up. Some apps use a lot of bandwidth, overloading online navigation. A good optimization and maintenance software will help your clean up.

PARENTAL CONTROL: filtering inappropriate content

While navigating on their mobile devices, children might visit sites or download apps featuring inappropriate content. As adults, we may find it hard to control their Internet browsing, especially after bedtime when teens may navigate until the early hours of morning.
To better control Internet browsing, we suggest you restrict access to inappropriate websites and apps through their mobile device operating system. According to the model, you can easily find ways to do just that on Windows, Apple and Android websites!

TV content can also be filtered
There is a simple way to control TV content at home. Rest easy thanks to the Parental control option. Find out how with this video.